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dream big goals challenge

Did you know that 30% of new businesses fail within two years? Many new businesses and ministries never operate from a clear plan. Just because you’re a Christian, you’re not shielded from becoming a statistic.

As Christians, we often fall into the habit of going with the mundane flow in life. We seldom rock the boat or swim against the current to disrupt the norm. We live by fear as opposed to living a life of faith. We fit in and are afraid to stand out. We survive in business and ministry but never include innovation or creativity to stretch our growth. 

Why is that?

Aren’t you tired of fitting in with all the other business owners? Is barely scraping by in that dead-end job leaving you fulfilled? Is that soul-sucking career path aligned with your God-given purpose?

The Dream Big Goals Challenge is here to help you!

Have you forgotten that the righteous are bold as lions; we don’t have the spirit of fear and live by faith. If you believe God planted something BIG in you to accomplish this season, you must challenge yourself to Dream Big.

The 2-Day Dream Big Goals Challenge is an opportunity to learn how to accelerate down the path of success. The Challenge is positioned to shift your goal-setting strategy and habits to get you focused on the Big Dream God put inside of you to serve others in your business or ministry, utilizing your gifts and talents on purpose.

I aim to help you get the clarity you seek during this Dream Big Goals Challenge. Transparency leads to purpose, and goal-setting with a clear, intentional plan for success.

So if you want to grow, start, or restart a business or ministry, the Dream Big Goals Challenge is for you!


the challenge

what you'll learn


Strategies to grow and move closer to your Big Dreams.

The detail

The solution to grow, start, or restart your business, ministry, or idea. Learn how your story and identity play roles in your future success.

DAY 1 & 2

Strategies to grow and move closer to your Big Dreams. Align purpose, vision, and Goal-Setting.

The detail

The solution to grow, start, or restart your business, ministry, or idea.


Create winning goals tied to growing, starting, or restarting your business, ministry, or ideas.

The detail

Goal-Setting and planning your God-given assignment. Structure your days with the right strategies for success.


The Dream Big Goals Movement is the ground-breaking Christian visionaries’ destination to supercharge success in life and business through goal-setting! We utilize biblical principles for productivity and spiritual growth aimed towards faith-driven action. Join our inspiring community of Big Dreamers, eager to help each other reach new heights with tangible goals powered by faith. Iron sharpens iron, and faith in Christ is our only hope to live out the purpose God designed for our lives. Let us unite for regular encouragement, prayerful support, and invaluable accountability that will align our dreams with God’s awesome purpose! Stay tuned for the Dream Big Goals Community

About LaTanya Quinn

Detroit native and founder of Cure 4 the Soul Ministries & Dream Big Goals. I began my walk and relationship with Christ as a child. I have been a goal-setter for over two decades and have experienced successes, wins, inconsistencies, and failures. However, understanding God’s will and placing faith in Him for every area of my life, along with spiritual disciplines and Biblical principles guiding me, has truly allowed for success in recent years. I sold collectively over $8M in my professional corporate selling career. I had highly successful seasons in my art business from 2011-2018. To God be the glory.

Join the Big Dreamers


I’m subscribing to emails and updates from Cure 4 the Soul/Dream Big. I understand the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions


Most frequently asked questions and answers.

The Dream Big Goals challenge is free to participate in. However, an offer will be presented that will help you achieve the desired success once the challenge is over. You have nothing to lose and success to gain! Participate in this free challenge and unlock amazing offers that propel your achievements beyond expectations. Seize the opportunity for extraordinary results today. 

You will be able to access the replays immediately after each challenge ends . You’ll receive the link in your email after each day of the challenge. You’ll have until Saturday at 3 pm C to access the replays.

Yes you can invite as many people as you want. However, they must sign up the same way you signed up for the event so they can have personal access to the replays and extras.

Recording the event is prohibited and violates US Copyright laws. All information presented in the free challenge webinar event is subject to US Copyright laws and is the sole property of Cure 4 the Soul Ministries for Dream Big Goals.

If you cannot attend the live challenge webinar, the replay will be available within 24 hours following each webinar. You will receive a link with the replays after each challenge. Look out for your emails from us. The replays will be accessible until Saturday at 3 pm C. Also, stay tuned for future Dream Big Goals Challenges in the coming weeks.