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Did you have to ditch your business and run back to a 9-to-5? 

Is your current business success formula and goal-setting strategy not working out?

You may be trying to succeed in business only to find that your wins are inconsistent and sporadic and won’t bring in enough money for you to work your vision full-time.

My past businesses didn’t work out consistently financially either, but that’s a different story now. You’re not alone, did you know that 30% of new businesses fail within two years? 

Unfortunately, just because you’re a Christian and step out on faith, you’re not shielded from becoming a statistic.

Why is That?

As Christians, we often fall into the habit of going with the mundane flow in life. And many new businesses never operate from a clear vision. We seldom rock the boat or swim against the current to disrupt the norm. 

We live by fear as opposed to living a life of faith because we fit in and are afraid to stand out. We barely survive in business or never include innovation or creativity to stretch our growth. 

But, aren’t you tired of fitting in with all the other business owners? Is barely scraping by in that dead-end job leaving you fulfilled? Is that soul-sucking career path aligned with your God-given purpose?

The Cure


The Dream Big Goals Challenge is here to help you!

The righteous are bold as lions; and we don’t have the spirit of fear, but live by faith. If you believe God planted something BIG in you to accomplish but your dreams didn’t work out before today, that’s okay because here you’ll be challenged to dream big again.

The 2-Day Dream Big Goals Challenge is an opportunity to learn how to accelerate down the path of success. The challenge is positioned to get you unstuck and on the path of the Big Dream God put inside of you to serve others. It’s time to create your purpose-driven business. 

So if you want to take all your losses and restart a new profitable purpose-driven business, the Dream Big Goals Challenge is for you! 


the challenge

what you'll learn


Defining a purpose-driven business and dream big goals. Unpack what's keeping you stuck.

The detail

Identify where you're stuck and how to move ahead. Learn how your story and identity play roles in your future success.

DAY 1 & 2

Connect and clarify the significance of your story to launch your purpose-driven business.

The detail

Align your testimony, identity in Christ, story,, skills, talents, and passions to launch your purpose-driven business.


Create a transformational game plan and execution strategy to reach your 2024 goals.

The detail

Dream big goals and plan your God-given assignment. Structure your daily priorities with the right strategies for success.


Dream Big Goals is a Cure 4 the Soul program. It’s the destination for Christian visionaries who want to get unstuck and start fresh after a prior business loss or need assistance getting on track overall in their existing venture. We utilize Biblical principles for spiritual growth, soul work, goal-setting, planning, and productivity to help you accomplish your mission in the marketplace. After taking on our challenge, using our goal and planning system, and advancing to our 1-to-1 coaching, you’ll gain clarity that will refine your vision or discover your profitable, purposeful-driven business. Please taste what we offer by joining the challenge and supercharge your success in life and business!   After taking on our challenge, you’ll gain clarity that leads to refining your vision or discovering your profitable, purposeful business. Please join the challenge and supercharge your success in life and business!  


LaTanya R. Quinn – The Soul Coach, is a businesswoman, writer, speaker, professional artist, minister, publisher, and founder of Cure 4 the Soul. She has over 12 years of high-achieving consultative selling experience and has been in entrepreneurship in various seasons of her life for 25+ years. She was self-employed as a nail technician at eighteen. At twenty-six, she launched  Industry Status Magazine in Atlanta. Throughout her life, the Detroit native has developed a deep love for the Lord, His Word, business, learning, and creativity. She’s dedicated to helping believers break free from stagnation and live purpose-driven lives fueled by faith in God. Through her programs utilizing Biblical principles, she empowers dreamers to run thriving ventures.

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Most frequently asked questions and answers.

The Dream Big Goals challenge is free to participate in. However, an offer will be presented that will help you achieve the desired success once the challenge is over. You have nothing to lose and success to gain! Participate in this free challenge and unlock amazing offers that propel your achievements beyond expectations. Seize the opportunity for extraordinary results today. 

You will be able to access the replays immediately after each challenge ends . You’ll receive the link in your email after each day of the challenge. You’ll have until Saturday at 3 pm C to access the replays.

Yes you can invite as many people as you want. However, they must sign up the same way you signed up for the event so they can have personal access to the replays and extras.

Recording the event is prohibited and violates US Copyright laws. All information presented in the free challenge webinar event is subject to US Copyright laws and is the sole property of Cure 4 the Soul for Dream Big Goals.

If you cannot attend the challenge, the replay will be available within 24 hours following each webinar. You will receive a link with the replays after each challenge. Look out for your emails from us. The replays will be accessible until Saturday at 3 pm C. Also, stay tuned for future Dream Big Goals Challenges in the coming weeks.

It will be offered during the challenge and up to Monday May 20th. You’ll have 6 days to purchase (May 15th-May 20th). The system isn’t currently available outside of the challenge event. If you attended a challenge in the past and just want to buy it, please reply to any past emails and you’ll be sent a link to purchase.