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Have you ever tried to succeed in business only to find that your wins are inconsistent and sporadic?

Did you ever have to ditch your dreams or shut down your business because you couldn’t bring in enough money to sustain the venture? 

Have all your efforts failed to move you closer to achieving your dreams and goals, leaving you feeling stuck, confused, defeated, and afraid to try again?

Do you dream of working full-time in your purpose-driven business but feel you can never replace your 9-5 income?

If you answered yes to these questions, you’re in the right place because you’re not alone. 

Many Christians know they’re called to the marketplace but can’t seem to run a profitable business consistently. 

I was one of them, but God has given me the wisdom to get out of that 9-5 rat race for good. 

With the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I will work hard as your coach and leader to get you over the barriers of fear, identity blindness, and stagnation. I will go to the throne of God with effectual prayers so you can start bringing in income from your purpose. The Dream Big Goals Accelerator program will cut out the fluff and get down to business.

Work with a Believer Who's Patient with Your Soul and Has Overcome Depression, Financial Challenges, and Business Failure!


Work With a Believer Who's Lost it all and Gained it all Back, and Can Teach You to Win Through Biblical Principles!


92% of goal-setting and new year resolutions fail? Most small businesses fail within 1 year.

You can cry and pray, but if you’re missing vital principles you’ll stay stuck in habits that don’t get you the results you desire.

I’m not saying this to scare you.

I want you to know that tears don’t move God; faith does.

Who Am I, And Why Should You Believe Me?

If you don’t know me, my name is LaTanya Quinn.

My big dreams and goals led me to publish and nationally distribute Industry Status Magazine with an entire leadership team and writers at age 26 (twenty years ago). I’ve written over 200 God glorifying articles for LaTanya Quinn and Cure 4 the Soul Ministries in the Christian space and I sold over 60 original paintings as an artist.

However, not too long ago, I was in your shoes. Believe me, I was far from achieving more intimacy with God and my big dreams and goals. I was stuck and tired of running back to a 9-5 to make ends meet when my business wasn’t working. 

The old me only knew struggles, hardships, and frustration. Not only did I have a money problem, but I also had a spiritual maturity and alignment problem. I lacked the wisdom to apply Biblical principles for purpose and planning.

However, what I learned during those running back to the 9-5 episodes will blow your mind, and I’m sharing it all in this coaching program.

I went from a wisdomless big dreamer business woman, to a ministry founder, and artist to where I am now. I work in my own business full-time. I haven’t worked for an employer in 2 years and I’ve upgraded my lifestyle.

Today I’m using my gifts to monetize my work because it aligns with my purpose, big dreams, and goals.

None of this would’ve been possible if God hadn’t shown me what I’m sharing with you in this high impact coaching program.

What I’ve learned along my faith journey will help you reach your big dreams and goal-setting targets in a fraction of the time it normally takes, so you can get right down to success.


Work with a Believer Who's Passionate About Seeing You Reach Your Dream Big Goals


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why this program

LaTanya R. Quinn – The Soul Coach, is a businesswoman, writer, speaker, professional artist, minister, publisher, and founder of Cure 4 the Soul. She has over 12 years of high-achieving consultative selling experience and has been in entrepreneurship in various seasons of her life for 25+ years. She was self-employed as a nail technician at eighteen. At twenty-six, she launched  Industry Status Magazine in Atlanta. Throughout her life, the Detroit native has developed a deep love for the Lord, His Word, business, learning, and creativity. She’s dedicated to helping Believers break free from stagnation and live purpose-driven lives fueled by faith in God. Through her programs utilizing Biblical principles, she empowers dreamers to run thriving ventures. 

About LaTanya r. quinn

LaTanya Quinn Cure 4 the Soul

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS YEAR, CHILE. Because of your obedience in creating the Dream BIG Goals Resources my babies will be birthed THIS year 2024. You not only helped me to get unstuck BUT you gave me. hope when everything around me was screaming “JUST QUIT!” I thank God that He blessed me through your resources & I’ve done the work!!! THANK YOU! 

Tamika Dunner

My Mustard Seed Faith

First, I would like to thank LaTanya for her time, dedication, hard-work, excellence and her motivation. First, towards the Lord in preparing for what He has called her to do, in order to then pour into our lives with all of her heart. The time that we had with her, was an incredible and revelatory experience. She was able to “remove the veil” and make known to us the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts, with the application of the Word of God in pursuing the dreams, the “visions” and desires that the Lord has placed within our hearts to fulfill.

Sherine Wade

At the Heart of the Conversation

I want to take the time and share how Cure4 the Soul has helped jumpstart me to relaunch my business through the “Dream Big Goals” package kit. The goal setting guide and planner is well put together and has been a compass to my ideas, plans and vision. It has really assisted me in organizing my thoughts as well as encouraging me to pursue my passion to provide service in my area of expertise. The Dream Big goals package is well worth the investment if you desire to get back on track with your business. I’m glad my wife and I decided to use Cure 4 the Soul’s services to relaunch because now we are on track and not looking back!


Larnell Marion

Marion Fitness and Nutrition


"This complimentary call is an offering and commitment to service you. Let's see if the accelerator is a good fit for your vision."

LaTanya R. Quinn - The Soul Coach



Coaching is intense and accelerated. You’ll get out what you put in. Although we do not promise any outcome or results. Nothing changes unless you do. You’ll go through many breakthroughs in this accelerator. When you pray and confirm with God that this is the coaching program for you, that means He’s answering your prayers to get unstuck. He’s aligning your path with a Holy Spirit inspired program. As long as you commit to do the work, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see in as little as 30 days. Ask as many questions as you need to ask before you start our coaching program. We get it, transformation costs, and we want you to make the right decision with your finances.

The hands on one-on-one accelerator has 2 options (12 and 16 weeks with bonus follow up sessions) and starts at $3k. If you’re interested in a VIP day which is much less we can discuss that on our call.

Have you ever paid for coaching before? I’ve been offered $10k, $20k, $28K, and $30K coaching packages within the last few months. The $20K program was for a weekly group mastermind as the one-on-one was way out of my affordability range for now. I was also presented with $5k and $3500 group coaching programs. 

These sessions are one-on-one, with me The Soul Coach, not a group plan.

Truthfully, these coaching prices are very reasonable and they will likely increase after this first enrollment. Coaching is an expert taught acceleration process where it saves you years of struggling to get results on your own. Coaching is not counseling. Our coaching takes a lot of spiritual work. It’s not just sitting on zoom to talk about how your day was or how life is going. It’s prayer, warfare, and coming up with a God-given process catered to your unique needs in the marketplace with regular research and evaluating. There’s a lot of time involved in making your coaching a success that you can never see on the front end. LaTanya pours her soul into making this work for you. 

Yes! This program works really well for anyone who’s had or have an existing business. Because there’s already a level of understanding the language and what comes along with entrepreneurship. If you are stuck, yes this program can work for you. My C.U.R.E. framework will focus on getting your business back on track.